A Video In Which I Cheer on My Rabbit In My Mommy Voice


Boxer licking his lips after receiving a treat from his friend Rob

It’s been a long while since I posted anything rabbit-y on The Curious Rarebit, so I decided to make a video of Boxer’s morning routine. He is the kind of bunny who prefers petting to exercise. Although he can be quite speedy, and perhaps once a week will run lightning-fast loops through our upstairs bedrooms, most days he is lazy and requires encouragement. Thus, on a daily basis I set up a maze of hidey-boxes and jumps, cheering him on in my best mommy voice, about a half-octave higher than my normal voice. Then after an hour, he scampers off to eat hay and sleep most of the day away, and I pick up all the boxes and restore our bedroom to its normal state. Ah, the things we do for our fur babies!


Topher Brophy and his dog Rosenberg


Instagram celebrities Topher Brophy and his dog Rosenberg. “We looks so much alike physically, and do everything together, so dressing the same just feels natural for us,” Brophy said in an interview at The Dodo (a digital media site).

I’m not an Instagram follower, but seeing photos of Topher Brophy and his Aussiedoodle dog Rosenberg could make me a quick convert. Judging by the very earliest photo on their Instagram page, these two bonded very deeply from their first meeting, back when Rosenberg was a puppy and Brophy’s beard was a lot more trim. Even then, there was a resemblance between the two, and Brophy decided to channel it into something that would give people a lift, creating a series of photos of him and Rosenberg dressed up in matching clothes and costumes.  “If we can make people smile, even for a second, we have something to be proud of — in addition to our matching, shiny, flowing manes and green eyes, of course,” he told an interviewer at The Dodo.

As those manes have gotten longer, the resemblance has only gotten stronger. (It’s been noted that they have very similar eyes, and this is so true when you see some of the photos close up.) And while their photos are a riot to look at, they are paired with captions that are of a tender, gentle nature… in other words, they’re sweet rather than attempting to be witty or cool or over-the-top humorous, and yet neither are they overly sentimental or saccharine. I think Brophy has a knack for striking a perfect pitch, and if he and Rosenberg had their own line of greeting cards, I’d be a customer, as I really like that combo of humor and sweetness.


For more photos, follow the link to Topher Brophy and Rosenberg’s Instagram page