Oh, In the Morning


20170115_122345He chews our book covers, he leaves hair on our clothes, he sometimes gets underfoot.

He also runs a mad dash to our bedroom each morning, the moment he’s allowed out of his pen, and waits by the bookcase until we are ready to pet and play with him. On the rare occasion when we don’t put him in his pen at night, he waits faithfully throughout the night in this same spot, on my side of the bed, for me to wake up. (If he leaves, it is only to use the litterbox, which he is very good about.) All in all, he puts beauty in our mornings and shows us how to greet the day.


Oh, in the morning
Feel like the sun
Coming up on daytime
Shine on everyone
Coming up on darkness
Warm me in your arms
Let me know another lonely night
Has come and gone

– lyrics from Arlo Guthrie’s “Oh, In the Morning”(from his 1969 album, Running Down the Road)