Stepping Back in Time


Mark and Suzanne at Goose Dinner

A couple of years ago, my husband and one of his friends started began working with a local chef/restaurateur to hold various dinners as part of a “culinary quest” in which they hoped to broaden their palates, as well as the palates of anyone who wanted to join them. First, they held a steak-tasting dinner to answer every grass-fed versus grain-fed, dry-aged versus wet-aged, Wagyu-versus-domestic question they ever had about beef. Later, they embarked on a series of “exotics” in the categories of seafood, wild game, and game birds. After gaining quite a following, they came up with their biggest event yet: a traditional Christmas goose dinner, the likes of which one would find in a Charles Dickens novel. To make it as authentic as possible, they held it at an historic mansion, ordered period costumes for themselves, and engaged the members of the ballroom dance group to which they both belong to choreograph a waltz that would set the stage for an evening of dancing after the meal. (Our ballroom dance teacher was there to teach basic lessons in the waltz and to dj the event.) It took many months to plan but their hard work paid off.  While not everyone dressed in period costume, most people dressed up and the evening had a very nostalgic feel to it. As for me, it was an opportunity to stretch my abilities: though I feel like I have the proverbial “two left feet” when it comes to ballroom dancing, I managed to (mostly) step in time to the choreography of our waltz, while stepping back in time in my voluminous Victorian dress. A friend of ours managed to capture it on video (thanks, Marty!), below.

For more photos , see the Columbus Chapel & Boal Mansion facebook page.