A Video In Which I Cheer on My Rabbit In My Mommy Voice


Boxer licking his lips after receiving a treat from his friend Rob

It’s been a long while since I posted anything rabbit-y on The Curious Rarebit, so I decided to make a video of Boxer’s morning routine. He is the kind of bunny who prefers petting to exercise. Although he can be quite speedy, and perhaps once a week will run lightning-fast loops through our upstairs bedrooms, most days he is lazy and requires encouragement. Thus, on a daily basis I set up a maze of hidey-boxes and jumps, cheering him on in my best mommy voice, about a half-octave higher than my normal voice. Then after an hour, he scampers off to eat hay and sleep most of the day away, and I pick up all the boxes and restore our bedroom to its normal state. Ah, the things we do for our fur babies!