Maybe it’s a sign of aging: I went to Barnes & Noble a couple days ago to have a coffee and look at magazines, and I realized that I’m no longer as interested in the fashion magazines I used to spend hours poring over. I did sit and read one, but then went looking for Rolling Stone and, along the way, my eyes alighted on the latest issue of Runner’s World — the cover of which is pictured above — and I decided to buy it on the spot. The beautiful woman on the cover — Amanda Butler, a New York City runner, personal trainer, and fitness model — is more inspiring for me, in terms of thinking about beauty, than most fashion models, gorgeous as they are. Granted, at age 54, thinking about beauty is probably a waste of time — age is having a good laugh on me — but most women still think about the topic regardless of age. And as a runner, and someone who is only 5′ 2″ tall with thick thighs, it is really gratifying to see a model on the cover of a magazine who has big, powerful thighs and looks strong and gorgeous showing them off. This is true beauty, functional beauty, to my way of thinking, and seeing her makes me want to run hard!