Hello! My name is Suzanne Keller, I live in Pennsylvania, and I suppose you could say that I have an infatuation with rarebits. Not just the one with the elegant long ears and buff-brown fur coat, pictured here, who lives with me and my husband, but these kinds of rarebits too:

  • the exquisite sentence or paragraph that falls out of a book and must be held up to the light to be admired more closely;
  • quiet still-lifes that twinkle in backyards and front stoops of the town where I live;
  • irresistible aromas that stop me in my tracks, whether those tracks are through the wilderness, the local coffee shop, or through the corner of my bedroom where my perfume collection is arrayed on a dresser;
  • and, last but not least, film scenes so delicious — or mind-blowing — they require extra chewing time.

These are the kinds of things you can expect to find on these pages in the days ahead. Many of these posts will be small — these are bits, after all — and while most will probably be of a serious or wistful nature, some of them will likely be as cheesy as, well, a slice of Welsh rarebit. Or fondue, which is perhaps a better comparison of the small things I’ll be offering you to nibble on: nourishing little nuggets, meant to be shared and to inspire kinship in the partaking.  Oh! and a side of rabbit — my house rabbit, Boxer, who is my daily reminder that life need not be a meal taken alone (and of just how good a home can smell when fresh hay is thrown into the mix!).



My house rabbit, the beautiful Boxer