Boxer Gets His Portrait Drawn

Lia's Drawing of Boxer

My next door neighbor has enjoyed seeing Boxer recently in his outdoor playpen, and she came running over one day to present me with this picture she drew of him. The computer scan doesn’t quite do it justice. She did a beautiful job capturing the delicate pink inside of his ears, and I like that she portrayed him as he is — an adult rabbit, not a teensy little bunny.  Thank you, Lia!




2 thoughts on “Boxer Gets His Portrait Drawn

    • Aww, thank you so much. He certainly proved to be a fan of yours during your recent stay. He didn’t reclaim the guest bedroom until a couple days after you left — at first, he would hop into the room and do a sweeping survey of it, as if he was looking for you, before hopping off to his pen. I think he was wondering where you’d disappeared to! 🙂


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