Flashback Friday


It’s sort of hilarious to think that in junior high, my idea of beauty revolved around these three staples: Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers (the Bubble Gum flavor was absolutely it for me … the light pink color of the gloss, even if it was mostly clear when applied, somehow made me feel sexy), Swedish clogs, and Bib Overalls. (Though Levi Jeans and Adidas Sneakers were pretty key, too.)


**EXCLUSIVE** Alessandra Ambrosio rocks a pair of gray overalls and white jumper on her 32nd birthday

Even funnier, though, is that while I know how to present myself in a fairly polished way these days, I still carry around in my purse a big lip-gloss stick that is as thick as the Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers of old, and it’s the item I turn to most when I’m out and about and need to polish my lips. (I carry another lipstick in my purse that is a rather pretty shade, which I rarely wear: seems I prefer the ease of putting on a slick of colorless balm.)

While I don’t wear clogs, I do pretty much always wear my ankle boots with chunky wooden heels and smooth leather uppers …often pairing them these days with loose jeans that have the same comfortable feel of bib overalls.

I should have called this post Flash-Forward Friday, as apparently my tastes and style haven’t changed all that much. I still crave bubble gum and will often put in a quarter — the heavily inflated-price for a gumball these days — in those dispensers meant to attract kiddies in diners and grocery stores. The chalky, powdery-sweet allure of bubble gum … it’s so bad, it’s good!  Clearly, the Bonnie Bell company was onto something when they made those glosses.

(Btw, not as overtly sexy as the Bubble Gum Lip Smacker, but my second favorite was the Dr. Pepper one. There is something subversive about indulging in Dr. Pepper, even when you’re following the clog-wearing crowd, don’t you think?)

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