The Fish In My Garden Slumber



My raised bed garden, with slumbering fish, on this gray January day.

The fish in my garden slumber,
Dreaming of summer waves of flowers,
The coral reef of coleuses and caladiums they once hid in,
A sky that winks down at them like another ocean,
And the sea-weediness of lawns and vines.


7a1bc28e45a6edd5f35df99ba54e4a43How is your garden faring this winter? Do you enjoy looking at it when it is in this season of rest? Under a soft-focus lens, mine looks peaceful and dreamy, but in reality it’s rather drab, and I’m fantasizing about when it is in bloom again.






2 thoughts on “The Fish In My Garden Slumber

    • Thank you! Barbie should write a book of poems for certain. I haven’t written any poetry in many years, so I was surprised to squeak out this tiny one and to realize that it might be fun to start writing them again. 🙂


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