The Best Selfie Ever(est)!


Selfie photo taken by Emily Harrington and Adrian Ballinger. Source: Vogue Magazine

The Best Selfie Ever(est)

… is this one of Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington, two climbers who first met at one of the base camps (Camp 2, at 21,000 feet) of Mount Everest.* It was 2012, they were on separate expedition teams, and Ballinger was visiting the dining tent used by the team Harrington was a member of, when, upon spotting her, he whipped out his “sweet handheld espresso machine” and offered her the first shot. “That got us talking and we’ve never looked back,” he said in an interview with the couple in Vogue magazine (the online issue of October 6, 2016).

Some people are made to be together, and this is one of those couples. At the time they were interviewed in Vogue, they had just speed-climbed Cho Oyu, the sixth-tallest mountain in the World, completing the climb in an unheard of nine days (the ascent normally takes two months). Much of the article is about how they accomplished that speed climb, and even if you’re not a climber (I’m not, though I did do a little bit of lead climbing years ago) or into outdoor sports, it’s still quite fascinating. Kudos to Vogue for including coverage that goes beyond their normal purview of fashion, beauty and art!

*I’m not sure what mountain they were on when they snapped this particular photo, but obviously somewhere in the Himalayas.

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