Spontaneous Homage No. 2


Image source: the Saskatchewan website SaskTel.com

The wind grazing my cheek, lifting my hair, and something more: an intimate awareness of everything I am moving through — air, weather, distance, scenery, elevation, and the path beneath my feet -– every point of connection and all of it changing from mile to mile; the way it quiets my mind, whether I’m coasting along easily on autopilot or whether (more often than not) I’m focusing on keeping myself going until I reach my goal; the amazing way it constantly challenges me (it never gets easy) and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of any run, even the slow run where I had to slog my way through the discomfort of aching joints and tired muscles; the feeling of being connected to the seasons of nature -– to the northeast’s dramatic change-ups between winter, spring, summer and fall;  the go-anywhere adaptability of it, which requires no venue other than access to an open path, or barring that, a treadmill; the low-maintenance cost of it in terms of dollars, because the largest purchase it requires is for running shoes; the way it keeps my blood pressure low and my weight down (comparatively), and how it has been a part of my life from my late teens until now, my fifties; and most important of all, the intense way it connects me to scenery –- not only to the broad view but the detailed view of the bumps, bends and twists in the road – making me feel like I’ve been somewhere, on a jaunt or a journey, every time I do it, such that this isn’t exercise, it’s a liberation of sorts, and the cause, celebration and reason for this, my spontaneous homage to Running.


Image source: photo by Jay Black for Outside.online.com


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